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This is the ultimate party place to laugh about the stuff people text when drunk!
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Texting While Intoxicated!

Iím sure most of us have some experience of texting while intoxicated. A lot of people like to go out from time to time and have some drinks with friends. Alcohol is known for putting us in a social and outgoing mood where we do crazy things we would never do sober. Drinking can make us talkative and allows us to reach out to people. Combine this state of mind with cell phone ownership and texting while intoxicated is often the outcome. This can be extremely entertaining!

Texting while intoxicated has a good and bad reputation! There are a lot of things that can go wrong when drinking and messaging people are combined. One of the most common is to get drunk after a breakup. A few drinks later and the same ex that caused so much pain in your life suddenly looks like the perfect person to get in touch with!

There are two main mistakes relating to ex-partners and texting while intoxicated. First Ė the emotional text message. This is where a few cocktails or shots make sending a long, badly spelt, emotional text to an ex look like the best idea in the world! Some people find themselves declaring their love and admitting they still have feelings in a message which comes across like a badly written emo song (funny as hell to us). Other people find the booze inspires them to text all the angry feelings they have for their ex. Whichever type of message gets sent, your ex is sure to know youíre making an idiot of yourself texting while intoxicated Ė an embarrassment that if you have the guts text while intoxicated it will most likely end up on Drunk Text!

Some people find that a couple of drinks loosen them up and give them the confidence they need to get in touch with people they never would otherwise. Perhaps you got someone hotís number the other night at the club and have been nervous to use it? Texting while intoxicated may give you the buzz you need to get in touch and make something happen. People are also sometimes more relaxed and let their humor and personality shine through after a couple of drinks. The key is to keep the amount of alcohol under control!

The main thing to remember about texting while intoxicated is the way it turns out is up to you. If youíre just a little buzzed, let the texting begin! Or if you have drunk half the bar and are feeling emotional, however, your recent text messages while texting while intoxicated will end up on Drunk Text! Being totally wasted and texting will almost always lead to you sending someone something you will regret in the morning and once that send button has been pressed, thereís no going back! Texting when intoxicated is without a doubt funny and entertaining and if in doubt just keep in mind to us no Drunk Text is a bad text.